What to plant in the garden in August

There’s plenty to get busy with in the garden at this time of year.

August is in fact a great time to sow some seeds and get some plants planted.

And that’s not to mention all the potential for growing veg, which could come in handy given the cost-of-living crisis we’re currently facing.

If you’re after some top tips we’ve got some ideas to help you get green fingered and bring in a harvest that should see you though to the next season or two.

Veg patch

Getting busy with the sowing and planting now could help you with both short and long-term harvests.

Salad leaves and other quick-growing crops such as radishes are ideal, and it’s a good idea with longer-cropping plants to get them in now so they can benefit from the warmer temperatures before Autumn.

Lettuce can be grown throughout the winter in greenhouses and under cloches ready to be picked between April and June.

Spinach leaves can be ready for harvest by October if planted now. After that they can be left ready to provide a crop in Spring. It’s worth covering them when it gets colder.

Wild rocket sown in early August can also yield a crop in the Autumn and will then grow again in March.

Lambs lettuce provides crop throughout the winter. It can be sown directly into soil and covered with a cloche when temperatures drop.

Chicory can be sown from February to September so sowing in August will ensure a harvest over winter.

Spring cabbages can be sown direct outdoors, or indoors to be planted out later, while winter cabbages grown from seed in previous months should be planted out now.

Chard can be sown throughout spring and summer, and August is the last chance to make a sowing for a winter crop.


Calendula can be sown in August and September, for flowers in the following spring.

Cornflowers can be sown in August for May flowers.

Forget-me-nots can be sown throughout the summer months and into September. They will readily self-seed once established.

California poppies are hardy annuals, and will survive a winter outdoors. Simply sow where you want them to flower.

Colourful planters

Summer is a good time to try out some bright colours and styles.

New plant pots and garden accessories are perfect for brightening up your outdoor space.

Get the little ones involved in planting some fresh flowers with a range of novelty planters.

Bird kitchens

If you’re keen to attract some new wildlife into your garden, why not create a bird kitchen?

Bird baths and dishes are an easy addition, as are bird boxes and tables.

There are plenty of options available in all shapes and sizes. You could even get something that youngsters can get involved in painting or decorating and encourage them to put out seed for them.

Just add a pair of binoculars and a bird book and you can keep the youngsters busy trying to identify the different breeds.



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