Ioni Labs Launching in Longton

Ioni Labs Launching in Longton

The very latest PEMF technology, (as used by Eddie Hall). We have introduced the Ioni from Ioni Labs. This can help .Pain relief, insomnia, mood enhancement and jet lag relief plus the ‘Eddie’ setting for exercise. Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag

This is a world-famous frequency generator to aid cell growth. Eddie Hall the “World’s strongest man” used it to help build his body to the best condition he has ever attained. Afterwards he won the World’s strongest man tournament. The Ioni has also be found to be helpful in animals.Three Saudi racehorses had broken bones and were considered to be put down. Each was treated with he Ioni and X-ray reports showed accelerated “fibre knitting” across the breaks.

The Ioni is an essential piece of kit for every household. Limited stocks available now at £380 with a oneyear warranty. Ioni Labs Water Centres are opening nationwide, with Stoke’s first centre opening next month on Market Street, Longton. Check your bodies energy and water condition, first consultation free!!!!

COMING SOON!!!!!. A walk-in high-street facility to have your blood examined on screen with our Tri-field / dark field microscope. We will show you the condition of your blood live. Then we offer our “super-structured” vortexed charged water. Then just 15 minutes later you will see your second blood examination and the changes to the haemoglobin nlive on screen. Blood and all the water in your body should be negatively charged to break blood clots so your haemoglobin can work individually
and be buoyant. Only then can oxygen be transported efficiently to every cell in the body.
The shop is open at 21 market street Longton , Stoke on trent but will be having its official opening very soon
Go to our page facebook page for updated information


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