EV car or electric car at the charging station

The benefits of electric car ownership

Trying to decide when to depart from the tradition of a fuel-powered vehicle? Discover the benefits of electric car ownership to see if now could be the best time for you to make the switch.

Environmental wins

No carbon emissions

The main environmental benefit of EVs is they don’t release any carbon emissions when in use. As the UK moves towards net zero, taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint is increasingly important.

Less air pollution

Steering clear of fuel-powered cars also means less air pollution which has long-term benefits to human health and the world around us. Switching to an EV is a direct contribution to cleaner air.

Energy-efficient engines

Did you know that traditional cars with combustion engines waste a significant amount of energy as heat? Efficiency is usually between 35 – 45%. In contrast, electric vehicles are around 80% efficient.

Clean energy compliant

Rather than traditional vehicles which can only run on petrol or diesel and are therefore intrinsically linked to fossil fuels, EVs are clean energy compliant. This is because they could be charged with electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

Economic benefits

Cheaper to run

It might surprise you but electric vehicles are cheaper to run than fuel-powered cars because the cost of recharging is cheaper than the price of petrol or diesel. The downside here is that charging takes longer but with a home charging point you can re-power overnight.

Save on maintenance

EVs have no combustible engine, instead operating on a battery-powered electrical motor. As a good portion of service costs are engine-related, driving an electric car means you’re sure to save on maintenance costs.

Long-term savings

Although electric vehicles often require a great upfront investment, there’s the opportunity for long-term savings as the car has a long lifespan. The battery will need to be replaced every five to eight years, but apart from that minimal updates are required to keep the car as good as new.

Personal advantages

An attractive prospect

According to a recent survey conducted by leading car dealer Big Motoring World who have luxury cars like BMW series for sale, people who drive an EV are an attractive prospect for British singletons. Almost half of those surveyed revealed that they would be more likely to date someone if they were passionate about stopping climate change.

Moral high ground

Especially with the latest technological developments that are making the manufacture of EV batteries more eco-friendly, those with an electric car have the moral high ground when it comes to environmental issues.

Ahead of the game

Rishi Sunak recently confirmed that the creation of new fuel-powered vehicles will be banned from 2035. Investing in an electric car now just means you’re getting ahead of the game with what will be a mandatory move.


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