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Monkey Love Island: Trentham’s Barbary Macaques Steal the Spotlight this Valentine’s Day

As love blossoms worldwide this Valentine’s Day, Trentham Monkey Forest is certainly turning up the heat with an enchanting and humorous twist on ITV’s Love Island.

The park based in Stoke-on-Trent, is a 60-acre conservation site for Barbary macaques. Visitors, when the park is open, can come and walk amongst the monkeys for the ultimate primate experience.

The park has released a skit Love Island episode shedding light on all the happenings during mating season in the forest whilst the park has been closed for winter.

Its resident Barbary macaques are taking center stage and are certainly not putting all of their bananas in one basket!

Barbary macaques are strictly seasonal maters so beautiful baby monkeys are born in the spring/summer to grow strong in prep for their first winter. They are promiscuous monkeys and have multiple partners, so paternity is unknown.

The monkeys therefore have a natural ‘re-coupling’ that isn’t brought on by a text or a public vote!

Sometimes the male monkeys even head off to ‘casa amore’ as they can migrate to other troops to expand their mating opportunities! This is the monkey equivalent of head-turning!

There are less than 8,000 Barbary macaques in the wild and 50% of the wild population has decreased in the last 40 years.

So every birth at Monkey Forest is incredibly special, the park aims each year to have around 6-12 baby monkeys to prolong the survival of this fascinating endangered species.

To see the one-off episode head over to the park’s Instagram or Facebook page.

Trentham Monkey Forest re-opens this month starting with the February half term so you can see the stars of the show in the flesh!

Opening times and prices can be found here:



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