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NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding is a package of care fully funded by the NHS to pay for the long term care of individuals with high level care needs. It is non-means tested which means that anyone can be entitled to it regardless of whether you can afford to pay for the care yourself.

It hinges on whether the patient has complex/intense care needs so the level of care required to manage someone’s needs must be at a high level in order to qualify. As such, it can often include individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s, provided their overall healthcare needs are complex, intense or unpredictable.

This is often dubbed the NHS best kept secret and for good reason. The NHS are judge jury and gate keeper all at the same time so it is not surprising that too many are turned downs for when they shouldn’t be!

The assessment process is complex and involved and is often misunderstood by families and carers alike.

We offer various services which will enable us to guide and support families through this process in order to give them the best opportunity of getting over the line with it if the circumstances are right and the evidence supports it.

We produce a Free Guide to Care Funding Issues – see attached  – and run a separate website dedicated entirely to providing information and advice about CHC We also sell a self help manual about how to give yourself the best chance of being awarded CHC called How To Get The NHS To pay For Care which  enables people to navigate this process alone if they wish.

We offer a free initial conversation with anyone who wants to speak to us about their relative’s care needs. Please call us on 0161 272 5222 or email

It might be the difference between paying a fortune for your care and paying nothing at all.

Guide to Care funding


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