Group of senior women friends with coffee sitting outdoors on terrace, resting.

The secret to a happy retirement

The positive difference that moving to a retirement living community can make to your quality of life, might just be one of life’s best kept secrets.

Homeowners seeking a peaceful yet well-connected lifestyle in the Staffordshire region can experience the best of suburban retirement living in Newcastle-under-Lyme’s latest retirement community, Brookfields House situated on Clayton Road.

Joyce, a homeowner at an Adlington community in Cheadle, immediately felt at home there: “I love it here. The day I moved in I sat out on my balcony and thought this is absolute bliss – and I have never stopped thinking that.”


Time for a new chapter?

Each year, with the first blooms of Spring our spirits lift, and we start to look forward to brighter days, warmer weather, and new beginnings.

When you move to Brookfields House, you can enjoy a fresh start, with more fun and less to worry about.

Ann and her husband Harry have been loving life since they moved to an Adlington community in Lytham last year: “You don’t have any worries here. When you own a house, you become a servant to it. You have to do all these jobs to keep it sellable and up to scratch, but the days come when you don’t want to have to do that sort of thing anymore. It worries you. Here it’s like being on holiday every day. I can’t get over it. We’re having such a wonderful time.”


Discover a community with a zest for life

In addition to making life more fun, staying socially active in retirement is also really good for you.

We know from speaking to our Adlington Retirement Living homeowners, that becoming part of a thriving community can make a huge difference.

Trevor, a retired doctor who moved to an Adlington community in Lytham, last year, said:

“I’m more socially active here than I have been for a long time. I’d become totally isolated and an old curmudgeon! I remember my sister saying to me when I’d only been here for two or three weeks, she said: ‘you’re a totally different person’ and my daughter said the same.”

Having spent his working life as a medical practitioner, Trevor can see the health benefits of retirement living.

“I think one of the big benefits of moving to a retirement community is the stimulus of other people at this time of life. If somebody has been on their own, as I know very well, you can sink into not wanting to do anything. You lose your ability to think properly, and to converse properly, and you start to go downhill.”

“Looking back now, I didn’t realise at the time, that’s exactly what happened to me. The stimulus of moving into a place like this can be of great benefit.”


Enjoy the beautiful gardens

Our beautiful, landscaped gardens are maintained by an expert team of gardeners. You can do as much or as little gardening as you want to, and still enjoy the peace and serenity of a quiet corner, afternoon drinks in the summer house or finding a relaxing space to watch the world go by.

Joan and Bill, homeowners at an Adlington community in Cheadle, said: “We don’t have any worries. I have an apartment with a lovely garden in front of it which the gardener comes and manages but I can put my little cyclamen blubs in. We go around dead-heading, but we haven’t got that major responsibility anymore. When our friends are still digging away and the weeds are still growing, we’ve got our Josh who comes and takes up all the weeds or blows the leaves away. That’s brilliant!”.


Now selling in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Brookfields House, Adlington Retirement Living’s new retirement community on Clayton Road in Newcastle-under-Lyme, is due to open fully later this year and building work is well underway.

The new community will comprise 75 stylish one, two and three-bedroom retirement apartments for the over 55’s, in a safe and secure environment, with the benefit of patios or walk-out balconies to all apartments.

Apartments are now available to reserve off-plan from the sales and marketing suite, open Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

For more information, please call our helpful sales team on 01782 958850 or visit our website