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Upcoming Events at Lunar

  1. Easter at Lunar 

– launch of new spring cocktail menu, inspired by the flavours and ingredients that are in season, elements from Niall’s travels around the world, and old recipe books from the Wedgwood archives!

– Families encouraged over the Easter holidays to enjoy lunch from Thursday – Sunday alongside all the activities at World of Wedgwood.

– Lunar Experience Menu available Friday and Saturday evenings (6 courses for £75 and 9 courses for £120).

– link to ‘Easter at Lunar’ page below.

  1. Californian Wine Dinner


Date: Wednesday 27th March

Time: from 6:30pm

Location: Lunar, World of Wedgwood


Join Lunar on Wednesday, March 27th, for an exclusive Californian Wine Dinner event, celebrating the rich and diverse wines of California. Hosted in collaboration with CWA UK and California Wines UK, this special evening promises an unforgettable culinary experience.


Indulge in an exclusive five-course menu, expertly designed to pair with a selection of premium Californian wines. From robust reds to crisp whites, each wine has been chosen to complement each dish on the menu.


The evening will commence with a glass of sparkling wine, setting the tone for an evening of fine dining, exquisite wines, and conversation.’


Below link to buy tickets: 

  1. Other upcoming Lunar Art and Wine Society events



Date: Wednesday 24th April

Time: from 6:30pm

Location: Lunar, World of Wedgwood


‘For April’s Lunar Art and Wine Society, they are joined by critically acclaimed director, actor and composer Conrad Nelson as well as actress and award winning playwright Deborah McAndrew, with their talk entitled ‘Drama of the Potteries’. Conrad and Deborah will talk about Claybody Theatre, a Stoke-on-Trent-based company and charity whose work is inspired by the lives and experiences of local people and presented in found spaces – often incorporating an integrated community company with a professional cast. We will learn how it began, and how it came of age. They will both be sharing their experience of making theatre, what it means for them, and how the city of Stoke-on-Trent continues to inspire them.


Experience an enriching evening of art, wine, and insightful conversation. ‘


Link to purchase tickets:


Date: Wednesday 29th May

Time: from 6:30pm

Location: Lunar, World of Wedgwood


‘Join Lunar at May’s Lunar Art and Wine Society as they welcome Iain Archer MA(RCA), a design luminary with over 30 years of experience in the fashion world. From global Creative Director to sustainable advocate, Iain’s journey has taken him from working with renowned brands like Vivienne Westwood to establishing Lost + Found Projects. Delve into his transition from fashion to interior design as he shares his insights on repurposing salvage fashion, furniture, and more into bespoke objects and interior spaces. 


Don’t miss this chance to discover the intersection of fashion, sustainability, and design with Iain Archer.’


Link to purchase tickets:


Date: Wednesday 26th June

Time: from 6:30pm

Location: Lunar, World of Wedgwood


‘For June’s Lunar Art and Wine Society, Lunar will be joined by Kenn Griffiths as he introduces his Great Grandfather, prolific Staffordshire artist Charles William Brown. Starting as an artist from an early age, amassing more than 3000 works of art, Kenn will discuss how his work reflects his life in great detail, many depicting the dangers & disasters he witnessed throughout his career and the industrial landscape of North Staffordshire. With no formal art training CW Brown was often referred to as the ‘Potteries Primitive’ artist, a term he resented.  


This will be the first time CW Brown’s work will be presented in this way, with some unknown works and historic information not heard or seen before, creating an intriguing presentation of the art and the man.’


Link to purchase tickets:


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