A Guide to Upgrading Your Bathroom

Upgrading your bathroom not only enhances its aesthetics but also improves the functionality of your home. This is just one type of renovation that significantly improves the value of a property if the time ever comes to sell.

Whether you plan to sell your property or simply aim for a fresh look, a bathroom makeover can significantly impact your home’s overall appeal. This guide, tailored for the DIY enthusiast, walks you through key aspects of bathroom upgrading, including painting, hardware, showerheads, decoration, and storage solutions.

Painting the walls

You would be surprised about what a fresh coat of paint can do for the ambience of your bathroom. Introducing new colours or patterns to your bathroom walls can transform the space dramatically and make it look clean and modernised.

Bathroom trends for 2024 lean towards vibrant geometric tiles, with options like hexagons, diamonds, Moroccan fish scales, and chevrons in new colours and textures becoming popular. Depending on the style you’re going for, opt for a contemporary, sleek look with cream walls or go bold with vibrant colours. Be sure to use a primer to prevent peeling and prevent moisture seepage.

Upgrading bathroom hardware

Simply updating the hardware in your bathroom can make a massive difference. Fed up with hearing the toilet close? Then choosing soft-close toilet seats will enhance the overall atmosphere of your space. Also, update your bathtub to match the aesthetic you’re going for or introduce wood textures and tones with a new bathroom vanity.

If you’re only looking to make smaller changes, consider swapping out the handles on your cabinets or other fixtures for newer models. This can transform your bathroom and contribute towards a more cohesive, modern look.

Replace the showerhead 

The shower area is another critical focus, with preferences leaning toward spaciousness and efficiency. Upgrades are increasingly common, including the addition of multiple niches within showers for better organization and convenience, and powerful showerheads.

Strong showerheads can massively elevate your shower experience, and you should do this once a year to prevent mineral build-up. This contributes to a loss of water pressure that can make your shower time unenjoyable.

Adding Decoration

Decorative elements such as oversized and decorative mirrors are making a comeback, serving as focal points that add depth and elegance to the bathroom. Such mirrors, often featuring grand proportions and ornate frames, not only enhance aesthetics but also create an illusion of a larger space.

You can also add some character to your bathroom through artwork and prints. These can make interesting focal displays for anyone using the facilities.

Updating Bathroom Storage

Maximizing storage space is essential in any bathroom upgrade. The trend is moving away from freestanding vanities towards more storage-efficient options. Homeowners are increasingly favouring built-in or floating vanities that offer more storage possibilities, reflecting a practical approach to modern bathroom design.

This is crucial for maintaining practicality, especially if you have a lot of belongings and no place to put them.


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