How to Create an Alfresco Dining Space in Your Garden

Want to take your garden to the next level?

With summer approaching, there’s no better time to put some energy into your garden. Pipedreams of long, sumptuous evenings in the sun with family and friends can become a reality when you get the preparations right.

An alfresco garden gives you limitless opportunities for open-air dining, entertaining, and relaxing. In this guide, we’ve explained the best ways to do so.

4 ways to transform your garden into an alfresco paradise for summer

1. Choose the correct texture.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that you should add texture and variety. Dividing your garden into zones is essential, not only to compartmentalise but to create a sense of purpose for the distinct zones you create.

From the lawn to the dining space, the intended use for each part of the garden should be clear. Once you’ve chosen where to place your new al fresco zone, you should consider the flooring type. You’ll need to think about shelter and sunlight levels to inform your choice between stone paving and wooden decking.

2. Buy some outdoor furniture

Next, you should decide on the furniture for your private oasis. This might be one of the hardest choices you’ll make for the garden, especially since you’ll need to factor in the preferences of your whole family too.

Think about what you need from your seating in terms of practicality. Do you need it to seat a large group of people, should there be a table, and does it need to be weather-resistant? Remember, the furniture needs to last well outside through summer showers, but you’ll undoubtedly need to store it indoors through winter.

3. Add personality

Now it’s time to let your character and style show through your garden space.

If you’re a keen chef, for example, you could add one of the best pizza ovens for cooking outdoors, which would certainly level up your family gatherings. Or, if you prefer entertaining and mixing delicious cocktails, you might choose to build a bar.

With the typical British weather in mind, it’s worth adding shelter. We think pergolas work particularly well thanks to their ability to be used day and night, rain, or shine. You can easily create a cosy atmosphere with solar lights, which brighten up the space after sunset.

4. Make it private

Lastly, once you’ve created that perfect alfresco zone for your family and friends, you need to make it private. Secluded spots add warmth to any social occasion.

Whether you’re planning lavish dinner parties or relaxed drinks with friends, it’s so important to make the space private and shield it from the neighbours!

There are so many ways to achieve a sense of separation. From bespoke fencing to thick deciduous plants and canopies, your decision relies on practicality and creativity. With your priorities in mind, you can get ready to enjoy the best summer yet.


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