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Five ways to elevate your haircare regime

Your hair can be a great way to express your personality. Every haircut is unique so it is important that you take care of it between hairdresser appointments.

Whilst shampoo and conditioner are a good start, there are some extra steps you can add to your haircare regime to give you a boost and keep your locks luscious.

  1. Learn about your hair type

Before you add any new steps to your haircare regime, you need to learn about your hair. As well as the physical look of your hair, you should also pay attention to the density. The density will affect how well your hair can hold products as well as the results.

Try doing the thread test. Take some sewing thread and lay your hair strand near it. If your strand is thinner than the thread then you have fine hair. If it is thicker then you have thick or coarse hair. Anything in between is classed as medium. This gives you a good starting point when looking for new products.

  1. Boost volume and density

Thinning or sparse hair is something that a lot of people struggle with. One step you can take is to examine your diet. Your hair needs nutrients such as protein, iron and biotin. If you are lacking in these then your hair will display the signs, such as thinning.

If your diet seems to be well balanced, then you can add a product containing hair building fibers. These are made of keratin which is the same material as your hair and binds to your existing hair strands. The fibers will stay adhered to your hair until your next shampoo, which is recommended for scalp care.

  1. Limit heat styling

Most people know by now that applying heat regularly to your hair causes a lot of damage. It is time to ditch your hairdryer and let your hair air dry. You could even plait or wrap your hair around a satin heatless curler, so you are still able to style your hair as you like.

  1. Prioritise deep conditioning treatments

A lack of moisture can cause your hair to be dry and brittle. It can also make any existing damage look even worse. Look for products that contain ingredients such as shea butter or avocado oil, or anything natural.

Avoid products that are heavy in silicones as they actually create a barrier around your hair which prevents moisture from getting in. Whilst they may look like they are working initially, the long-term damage will worsen.

  1. Protect your hair whilst sleeping

Unfortunately, your hair can be damaged whilst you are asleep. Moving around in your sleep with your head on a pillow can cause friction and breakage.

A silk pillowcase will be a great investment for any hair type as it reduces the amount of friction and helps your hair strands to glide around. If you have thick, coarse hair or curly hair, then a silk bonnet will work well for you in the same way.


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