As spring arrives throw open your doors and bring colour and style inside

This Spring it’s time to update your living spaces, whether you want to create a dreamy tranquil bedroom, perfect for winding down and sending you off dreaming of spring meadows or it’s time for the sunny seasons to influence your dining area to rev you up in the morning with sunny upbeat urban vibes.  Or maybe it’s to cosmic ambiences that flick your design switches. Then go to  https://www.photowall.co.uk/wall-murals and find your design inspiration.

Let’s look at what new modern wall designs can do to transform your living space and how developments in the wall-covering industry can ensure that this is an easy process that most people can now do themselves.  Gone are the days when one needed to hire a decorator or where hanging wallpaper was a messy operation involving sloppy paste, soggy wallpaper and technical skills that the average homeowner just doesn’t have. Also, the beautiful new murals that are now available transport occupants to gorgeous vistas  or astonishing atmospheric forests.  The new photo walls are a far cry from Hilda and Stan’s “Muriel”, with its pottery ducks flying haphazardly across the wall.

The quality of the prints and materials used make hanging a Photo wall and wallpapers so easy, quick and clean that almost anyone can achieve amazing results https://www.photowall.co.uk/customer-service/product-information-wallpaper

The history of wallpaper is quite fascinating , so what made us cover our walls with printed paper in the first place ?

Wallpaper began life as an elite product. Wealthy people imported hand-painted papers from China to decorate their rooms, and some of these are still visible in country houses. https://www.wallpaperhistorysociety.org.uk/an-introduction-to-wallpaper.

Block printing became the method most commonly used to print wallpapers in Britain in the eighteenth century. Wallpaper printers used carved wooden blocks, first dipping them into pigment then pressing on to paper.  Wallpapers became an important part of the decorative choices for prosperous town-dwellers, merchants and gentry as well as the aristocracy.

By the early 1800s wallpaper had become a standard requirement for the furnishing of any respectable middle-class home. As wallpaper came within the reach of the slightly less well-off it was accompanied by anxiety about social status.

In the early 1800s several new inventions began to make the production of wallpaper cheaper and quicker than ever before. The production of paper in continuous rolls and new printing techniques meant that thousands of yards of paper could be produced in a day. By 1830, Britain was producing around a million rolls of wallpaper per year, around five million per year by 1850. It moved from luxury product to everyday commodity.

By the mid nineteenth century (and throughout most of the twentieth), it was a necessary part of the furnishing of any home, for both rich and poor. By the 1860s and 70s there was so much more wallpaper on offer that consumers needed advice on how to navigate through the available choices. One of the wallpaper designers frequently recommended to the fashionable middle classes was William Morris. Morris designed his first wallpapers in 1862, and from 1864 commissioned the wallpaper firm Jeffrey and Co to print his designs for him.

William Morris was one of the first people to understand the value of attaching his own name to a product. He marketed his wallpapers as ‘art’, ensuring that they maintained an exclusive appeal for his wealthy clients.

Wallpaper began life as an elite product. Wealthy people imported hand painted papers from China to decorate their rooms, and some of these are still visible in country houses.

By 1830, Britain was producing around a million rolls of wallpaper per year, around five million per year by 1850, and as many as fifty million per year by the end of the century. As a result, wallpaper became much more affordable. It moved from luxury product to everyday commodity.

Moving into today with the amazing quality of digital printing and the fact that anyone can offer up a design to be turned into Murals, canvases and Wallpapers the opportunities are infinite and withing most people’s everyday budgets

​ So now we have decided to update the look of our homes for the spring, where do we look for inspiration ?  A great place to start is the Photo wall website, brimming with ideas to  help you design the most beautiful on -rend styles that match you and your family’s personality and lifestyle  https://www.photowall.co.uk/inspirationhttps://www.photowall.co.uk/inspiration

Trend 1  |  Urban Oasis

Your Retreat, Redefined


“Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.”

In the pursuit of tranquility, mindfulness and that ever-lasting sense of connecting to nature, why not make your very own home become a comforting and restorative oasis? Hidden Oasis is a collection dedicated to serenity, the human longing for wildness, and the tranquility we so often seek in these modern times where the intensity of the crowded city life tends to get the better of us.



Trend 2  |  Stellar Serenity

Design That’s Written in the Stars


“Billowy clouds and sheer palettes — hello, universe.” 

New age spiritualism meets an otherworldly palette of purple, silver and metallic blues. Step into a world where astrology and mindfulness meet modern trends, upbeat hues and dynamic textures of the great beyond. Each piece in this collection is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of cosmic connection, inviting you to embark on a journey of true personal home styling and self-discovery.



Trend 3  |  Urban Outlines

The City’s Pulse, in Your Personal Space


“Design first…functionality later.”

Dive into the realm of Urban Outlines, a vibrant and colourful twist on the industrial aesthetic inspired by loft apartments and underground flats commonly used as settings in 90s movies. It’s about bringing that 90s NYC vibe and making it into a modern, dynamic and practical living space where cheerful hues, a combination of surfaces and cut-off sections in singular colours make the living space into a utilitarian dream.


And transformative design ideas that will make your living space into a self-reflecting piece of art. Ready to be inspired?



In conclusion

For a cost-effective trend-setting fresh new look for your home, using wallpaper, murals or photo walls is a quick and easy way to completely transform your living space.  They can give your living space a unique super unique luxe look without having to break the bank.  Each one of your rooms or living spaces can either follow a theme for your whole home or can be completely individual and eclectic.  If you don’t fancy doing a complete makeover, you can transform a room just by using posters or canvases to brighten up each area and these can be made as a bespoke piece of art  by using your photos and even your bespoke artwork.

So why not start today.




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