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Creative Projects to Brighten Long Summer Days

Whether the kids need a distraction during the school holidays, or you’d just like to get into something new, crafting could be just right for your family. From sunny afternoons in the garden to rainy mornings inside, it’s something you can enjoy indoors, outdoors or on the move too.

In this guide, we’ve covered a few of the best crafting projects to get started with. You don’t need any expensive equipment or any experience either: just a few supplies and the willingness to get stuck in!


Top 3 arts and crafts projects for summer

  1. Summer scrapbook

Put your papercraft skills to good use and create a scrapbook to help you remember the summer. When memories are safely stowed in the form of photographs, sketches, and travel tickets from your summertime adventures, you’ll be able to treasure this time forever.

There are no rules when it comes to making a scrapbook. You can choose your own format, size, shape, and materials to create something unique. Whether you choose to collect postcards and photographs or flowers, seashells, and pebbles, you’re the artist.

Once they’re on paper or safely stowed away in a dedicated box, you now can think about collecting items for another scrapbook.


  1. Tie-dye t-shirts!

Making bright and colourful tie-dyed t-shirts could be a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. You won’t need any complex equipment, so it’s a safe and enjoyable activity for every member of the family. To get started, you’ll need just a few supplies:

  • Non-toxic dye powder
  • Clothing of your choice – preferably a plain, light t-shirt
  • Elastic bands
  • Plastic gloves

To dye the clothes, you first need to prepare your dye, mixing it until all the powder has dissolved.

You’ll then need to bind the fabric, which means wrapping up your t-shirt with elastic bands – the classic spiral shape is popular for tie-dye. After applying the dye and leaving it overnight to set, your colourful creation will be ready to wear and show off.

If it gets confusing, there are plenty of easy instructions to follow online.


  1. Make pressed flower artwork

Finally, we’re lucky to enjoy a bounty of charming and colourful flowers through spring and summer in the UK. If you’re into crafting, why not make the most of this rich variety to create pressed flower art at home?

This vintage-inspired project is a beautiful way to keep a small piece of your garden forever. There are a few techniques for pressing, but we recommend using the old-fashioned method with a sturdy book if you don’t have a flower press. Flowers with just one layer of petals are the easiest to press, including pansies, daisies, and roses.

Once you’ve finished, your flower art could make a lovely piece to display in your home or you could give it as a gift for a friend. Pressing flowers keeps them naturally preserved, so you can also enjoy peace of mind that your colourful creations will last and keep their charm for years to come.



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