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Common Smart Home Myths, Debunked

For many of us, smart home technology is now part of our everyday lives. From smart speakers to security, smart TVs, to heating, and beyond, the nation has embraced smart tech to make running our homes cheaper, more efficient, and easier to control. In fact, research has shown that 57% of Brits own a smart device, with a whopping 15 million smart homes estimated to be across the UK![1]

With its surge in popularity, there’s also been a rise in speculation around smart home tech. Here, James Clark, Technical Training Manager at award-winning smart heating control brand Wiser, debunks some of the most common myths.


Myth 1 – smart home technology is too complicated for everyday users

Upgrading to a smart home doesn’t mean you need a lot of technical knowhow or experience – many products are simple to program and set up. With the popularity of smart tech showing no signs of slowing, brands have taken note, and many products now on the market are really user-friendly. Installation is typically easy too, especially in the age of YouTube and TikTok where helpful how-to videos with step-by-step instructions are available at the touch of a button.

“Smart home tech can often easily be controlled through your phone too, and many devices – including the Wiser system – can be paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With Wiser, once linked, it’s as straightforward as “Alexa, set the living room to 21°C!”. Alternatively, you can control the system via the Wiser Home App, where you can quickly and easily create schedules that suit you for your heating and hot water, as well as temporarily boosting your heating if you’re chilly.


Myth 2 – smart home tech must be installed during construction or renovations

“This isn’t the case. Most smart tech products can be added to your home at any stage; it doesn’t matter how old your property is, or when you moved in. From smart heating systems like Wiser, to smart security and lighting, many products can be easily retrofitted.


Myth 3 – smart homes are expensive and consume more energy

“One of the biggest misconceptions about smart homes is that they are expensive and consume more energy than their counterparts. This is simply not true; smart homes have been designed to be more energy efficient – there is plenty of affordable smart tech out there which can help save you money in the long run.

“While it’s clear to see that some UK homeowners view smart home technology as an effective way to improve energy efficiency – with over a third considering it an easy way to reduce energy use[2] and therefore save on energy bills – the misconception that smart home tech is unaffordable for the average homeowner still stands for some.

“In fact, devices such as smart thermostats learn about your home’s thermal properties and how long it takes to heat each room, using this information to adjust boiler output and save you energy, and money.

“The award-winning Wiser system takes heating controls one step further with clever Smart Modes. Away Mode overrides schedules to turn your heating down to your chosen minimum level and turn off any smart plug schedules you’ve set up when you’re away from home; while Eco Mode learns about your home’s thermal properties and turns off the boiler sooner to save energy. Wiser’s Smart Modes can help you save up to 16% more on your energy bills.


Myth 4 – smart homes are looking to take over…

“With recent films and TV shows showing smart homes gone rogue, some seem to be under the impression that one wrong move could mean your smart home turns on you. This is not the case – like much of what we see on screen, it’s simply not true! In fact, smart home tech is excellent for helping you maintain, if not increase, control of your home, as well as providing you with handy feedback about how your home is running. For example, as well as offering easy control over your heating and hot water, Wiser’s Insights and Heat Report lets you see exactly how your heating system is functioning and when.


For more information on Wiser, visit www.wiser.draytoncontrols.co.uk or the Wiser shop here: https://shop.se.com/uk/en/smart-home-products/all-products.html


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