Avoid These Pointless Home Improvements

The property market in the UK is picking up again, after a difficult few years. A pandemic boom saw house prices skyrocket, as stamp duty tax relief and an increased demand for suburban properties created a unique run on the market; a combination of economic and social factors saw this followed by a worrisome slump, and an unprecedented rise in mortgage rates.

All this forms the backdrop for today’s market, in which you might be hoping to see your house sell for as much as it can do. Renovating is a given for boosting any property’s value, but some homeowners are prone to making these simple mistakes in attempting to do so themselves. Which home improvements are less useful in terms of raising property value?

Changing Your Flooring

One of the more pointless home improvements you can embark on is the changing of your home’s floors – at least, for pure value-increase purposes. Increasing the value of a home is a multi-faceted endeavour, but one which relies on the changes you make having real tangible value. Unless you are fitting rare hardwood floors throughout, there will be little value in replacing your flooring; even then, the cost of installation will easily outweigh the small amount added to property value.

Fitting a New Bathroom

Re-fitting a bathroom in your house may seem like a productive move, particularly if you’re envisioning a gleaming new space – but this can be an extremely inefficient way of adding value to your home. Not only does taste apply here as well, but the tangible value of new tiles and fixtures can be little more than that you poured into the renovation.

However, if you have money allocated towards bathroom-related renovations, there is something else you could do that adds both value and practicality to your property: adding a new bathroom altogether. Whether you slightly extend your house to do so, or sacrifice a small amount of wardrobe space for an en-suite, the extra facilities add both tangible value and appeal – to say nothing of the personal benefits! Still, you’ll want to protect the money you put towards such works with renovation insurance, in case something goes wrong during the build.

Garden Makeover

Your garden is another potential money-pit in the making, though this depends entirely on the shape of your approach. It is true that outhouses, whether for at-home offices or simply sun-room usage, can add a great deal of value to a property – but outside of major construction works, the effort involved in landscaping your garden can ultimately do little for your property’s value.

This, though, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t allocate some money towards smartening up your garden. If you are thinking of selling, a clean and tidy garden can do a great deal for the quality of pictures that your estate agents take – and then again for first impressions with prospective buyers. Indeed, a quick sale can be worth far more than a few thousand pounds on your home’s value, so bear this firmly in mind when thinking about what next to renovate!


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