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Getting the Most Out of Self-Tan Application

Fake tanning has surged in popularity in recent years as a fast, easy, and affordable way to obtain a tanned look and healthy complexion.

People are also becoming more aware of the dangers of UV exposure, and the harm that both tanning in the sun and sun beds can do. A tanning solution is a safe alternative that can provide a sun-kissed glow, but it is important to know how to get the most out of your self-tan application so that you can get a natural look free from patches —read on to find out how.



Preparation is a key stage when it comes to self-tanning applications. This starts a full 24 hours before applying your self-tan – you need to exfoliate with a gentle scrub, shave or wax hair if desired, and avoid wearing deodorant or perfume as these can create barriers on the skin.

You also need to choose a tanning solution that matches your skin’s undertones.


Tools & Techniques

Equipping yourself with the right tools and mastering the best techniques for self-tan application is the next step.

A high-quality mitt is a must-have, as it ensures an even application – just ensure it’s clean and smooth. You also want to mix the ingredients by shaking the bottle and applying the tan in circular motions to avoid streaks.

Elbows, knees, and heels are tricky areas that can look patchy if you are not careful, but moisturizing first and applying with care is key. Hands and feet have a tendency to look streaky, so apply sparingly to these areas.



The key to a natural, healthy-looking self-tan is maintenance. This involves not wearing any clothes while the self-tan is still wet, as this will affect the way that it dries and the finished look.

You should also moisturize afterwards to prevent a patchy look. Do not panic if the self-tan is too strong, you can take a shower after 12 hours which will help to lighten the look. If you want a darker look, you can apply another layer, but wait a while as it can take some time for the colour to develop.

When the time comes to remove the tan, you will need to exfoliate thoroughly and then start the process again when you are ready for another application.


Hopefully, this information will be useful and help you feel confident when applying self-tan. Fake tanning solutions have surged in popularity in recent years, especially with people becoming more aware of the dangers of sun exposure and sun beds. Self-tan is a fast, safe, and cost-effective way to achieve a sun-kissed look and improve your complexion, but there is a real skill to applying fake tan so that you achieve a natural look and avoid patchy results.



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