NICEIC warns homeowners to set-up their garden safely as lighting popularity soars

NICEIC warns people to set-up their gardens safely as lighting popularity soars

NICEIC, the UK’s leading certification body for the electrical industry, is urging people to prioritise safety with electrics in the garden, as demand for outdoor lighting soars. 


With the arrival of summer, many will be looking to extend their enjoyment of their outdoor spaces into the evening. According to Google Search Insights, there has been a surge in demand for garden lighting throughout May and June, with a 300% increase in online searches for solar-powered garden lights and wall lights. This trend is further reflected by a staggering 950% search increase for ‘garden lighting installer near me’.


NICEIC strongly advises against attempting DIY electrical work in the garden. Electrical installations must comply with regulations to ensure safety from potential hazards, such as electric shock and fire. Hiring a certified business guarantees that garden lighting is installed correctly and meets all necessary electrical safety standards.


The electrical certification body also recommends that households ensure additional safety by investing in low-voltage lighting and advises that lights are turned off before leaving the house or going to bed.


In addition to this, people are reminded to maintain a safe distance between electrical equipment and paddling pools, sprinklers, and hoses, as electrical equipment should be stored away from damp areas. Gardening-enthusiasts should also check any outdoor equipment, such as lawnmowers or strimmers, for damaged cords or signs of where water might have entered. While any faulty equipment should be repaired by a competent person or replaced immediately.


By prioritising safety and utilising the expertise of a competent and qualified electrician who works for an NICEIC-certified business, people can enjoy their garden lighting without putting themselves or family at risk. NICEIC-certified businesses across the UK can be found through the ‘Find a trusted NICEIC tradesperson’ tool.


NICEIC Technical Director, Paul Collins, said: “The demand for outdoor lighting has grown significantly over the last few months, with people looking for ways to create a welcoming atmosphere in their gardens and extend their use throughout the summer evenings.


“We are reminding individuals of the importance of using a certified business to install garden lights ensuring maximum safety throughout the summer and beyond. This is particularly important for households with children and pets, to minimise risks of any accidents occurring.”


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*Sourced from Google Search Insights


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