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Packing tips – keep costs down and make 10 kilos of hand luggage a breeze

Determined to travel on a budget or travel more for less? There’s one easy way to keep your costs down; take hand luggage only

Most airlines offer a 10-kilogramme allowance for hand luggage (make sure you check your airline’s policy) so if you’re going away for a few days or even a week, you should be able to avoid unnecessary additional baggage costs – these packing tips will help.

Packing light can be an art form in itself, ruthlessly cutting down on clothes and toiletries all while making sure you have what you need to feel and look good and holiday happy. To make life less stressful when the time comes to pulling your case out of storage, Escape Travel Card has put together a list of tips for keeping your case to 10kg.

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1. Stick to a neutral palette

By choosing clothes in neutral colours (black, grey, white, cream) you’ll have the ability to make multiple outfits from just a few items as everything should complement each other. This will also mean your chosen accessories should work with each outfit so no need for multiple pairs of shoes, handbags or endless accessories.

2. Tiny Toiletries

Be prepared and collect or buy small toiletry bottles and pots ahead of your trip. Decant your usual grooming products into the miniature pots for a week’s worth of shampoo, face wash and moisturiser. You’ll be amazed just how much goes a long way.

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3. Towel-tastic

If you’re heading on a beach trip or expecting some pool time then a beach towel will take up half your case. Invest in a super absorbent towel that’s so thin it takes up the same space as a shirt. It does exactly the same as a traditional fluffy beach towel at a quarter of the size in your hand luggage.

4. Wrap it up

No, not your case, take a large shawl that can be used as a sarong or scarf during the day and then pashmina-style at night. It will keep you covered or warm depending on your needs.

5. Chic currency

No one wants to be weighed down with currency, lots of different notes and coins to find space for and worry about losing or getting stolen. Take an Escape Travel Card and you’ll be light and breezy for your whole trip without any nasty charges on purchases abroad as well as having the peace of mind that it can be used everywhere Mastercard is.

Joanne Briggs from Escape Travel Card says: “Brits love to travel and budget trips mean people can get away regularly and see more of the world.

“Travelling on a budget often means travelling light and taking the Escape Travel Card is one easy way to reduce the amount of weight in your luggage from foreign currency.”

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