Autumn layers

Layer it up buttercup – the KA Edit on autumn’s super trend

If like me and you’re not quite ready to pack away your favourite summer dress then read on for how I’ll be wearing the dresses I’ve been wearing all summer in September and October...

I think it’s safe to say that after the last 6 months we’re all trying to stretch out summer for just a little longer.

Yes, I’m in denial. Summer isn’t over in my world.

Fancy joining me?

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OK, so the temperature might be dropping and the rain has started falling. And, yes, there are signs of autumn everywhere you look. But, I’m here to say don’t pack your summer dresses away – just yet!

Don’t let the change in seasons fool you into thinking that you have to change your wardrobe just yet.

The weather has never stopped me dressing how I want before, so I am determined to my make my summer dresses survive for a while longer yet..

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Dressing for September and October can require a bit of planning, though. And I’m here to guide you…

Grab your trainers, boots, chunky knits and lightweight jackets , it’s time to get in on autumn layers – the super trend for this time of year. 

Here’s my top 5 tips for layering:

  1. Lightweight jackets are great for this time of year. They toughen up an otherwise feminine outfit especially when put together with a pair of boots or trainers.
  2. Pack away the sandals and dig out your trainers and boots. I find black and white trainers are versatile and style well with most dresses.
  3. Grab a white shirt or roll neck jumper and wear it under your dresses, instant warmth on your arms – and a fresh look!
  4. Add a chunky knit over a dress, tie a belt around to draw in the waist or give in to the oversized look which I fully embrace at this time of year.
  5. Layers in contrasting colours look fabulous. Try a black jumper against a bright pink skirt.

There’s definitely something about layering that makes a simple summer dress look more interesting. I tend to have a wardrobe switch over in October when it’s time to start thinking about wearing a warmer coat.

For now I’m all about the layering. And dresses are still acceptable in September and October, trust me.


Kerri-Ann Hargreaves lives in Newcastle-under-lyme and is author of the The KA Edit a life and style blog. Find her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – @thekaedit.

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