Dog with flower

A pet proposal on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here

And while traditionally Valentine’s has always been about showing your love for another person, it’s also a big day for proposing.

Around 10 per cent of marriage proposals take place on February 14.

But another interesting fact is that one in five people buy Valentine’s gifts for their pets, spending a whopping £27 million.

It just goes to show how much we love our furry friends, so much so there are services available to ensure they can be involved in a wedding day.

So, why not the proposal?

As Emma Cartlich, from Precious Pets Weddings, says: “We may be biased, but including your dog makes it that much more special, fun and absolutely adorable.”


Wedding dog day

Emma and her husband Ade have been running Precious Pets Weddings since 2018. The dog chaperone service helps couples’ pets play a part in their wedding or simply be at the event.

It wasn’t until they chaperoned friends’ dogs at their weddings as a gift, and even organised one to be a surprise ring bearer, that they realised there was a gap in the market.

They pitched their idea on BBC’s Dragons Den in 2021 and since then have appeared on the One Show, This Morning and in local and national newspapers.

Now they have some top tips for including your pet pooch in the proposal, whether you’re to pop the question on  Valentine’s Day or a date to be confirmed.


Pet proposal

Emma says: “Everyone knows the classic marriage proposal — tying the engagement around the dog’s collar. We absolutely love this idea, but we want to take it a step further. After all, it is a marriage proposal.

“Instead of just the ring, you could opt for a small box instead. Adds a little more elegance and protection too.

“Go even more above and beyond – set up ahead of time flowers and candles if you can, wherever you plan to propose. The moment she or he expects you to pull out a ring, call your dog into the room. We guarantee they will be completely shocked.

“Add some intrigue! Wait until she takes the dog for a walk and set up a trail of dog treats from the door to the living or bedroom. When they both arrive, you can be waiting on your knee, ring in hand.”


Perfect timing

If you’re not sure of a good time to propose, Emma and Ade suggest taking your partner by surprise and sending your dog into the room to wake them up – with the ring around their collar.

But both understand if you don’t want to entrust an expensive diamond ring to your four-legged friend.

“There are plenty of messages to send out that will really get their attention — especially if you include your dog,” explains Emma.


Love message

“Go a subtle route and buy a personalised dog tag that says “Will You Marry Me?” or a personal message on it. Ask them to check out the new dog tag you just bought and get on one knee to propose.

Dog in bowtie.“Instead of a dog tag write your significant other a love letter and have the dog deliver it to him or her. Not only can they keep the letter for years to come but will always remember how they received it in such a special and adorable way.

“Make it even bolder by tying a cute sign around your dog’s neck that pops the question. They are sure to notice right away and it will be even cuter tied around your dog’s neck.”


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