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Planning your summer getaway for 2024

Are you keen to hop on a plane and jet away this summer? Much of the UK is gearing up for that eagerly-awaited summer holiday abroad. With so many choices, it can be tricky to know where to start, both in terms of choosing a location and starting the planning process. Another element to consider is budgeting correctly so you can pay for flights and accommodation in advance while ensuring you have enough spending money while you’re there.

Here are some pointers to help you get started.

Popular summer holiday destinations

There are endless destinations to choose from, although some attract tourists time and time again. A recent YouGov poll states that Spain is considered a top travel destination for Brits in 2024, taking a significant lead of 15%. This was followed by Greece (8%), Italy (8%), France (7%) and Portugal (7%).

Try something different

Many popular destinations in Europe provide easy access for holidaymakers from the UK. However, you might want to mix things up by venturing further afield. Step out of your comfort zone with locations that might not have crossed your mind, such as Scandinavia, Morocco or Costa Rica. When making your decision, think about places that might be more appealing earlier in the summer or later on.

Or, you could stick to countries with an emerging tourist scene. Countries like Albania and Montenegro are two examples that are gaining traction – and it’s no wonder, with vast beaches, rich culture and friendly locals.

You could also base your decision on whether you want to seek out adventure holidays with water sports and hiking, or city breaks, where vibrant activities await.

Create a budget

Saving well in advance is a sensible approach, even if you plan to book a low-budget holiday. Incremental savings over time can help you accumulate a pot that can be used solely for holiday purposes. The more you save, the more disposable income you’ll have for fun activities while you’re away, such as eating out, days trips, activities and more.

At the same time, it can be helpful to boost your credit score so that you’re more likely to be accepted for any loans you might want to take out for your trip.

Engage everyone

To make sure everyone finds the holiday as enjoyable as possible, it can be helpful to involve people from the early planning stages. This way, families and friends can put forward suggestions of things they’d like to do. For example, they might prefer accommodation near a beach or perhaps they’d like to be based near a particular landmark. The more time you spend researching potential holidays, the better it will be for everyone. 


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