Copy of Lounge - Photos by Efe Onikinci

Markos Design Workshop: Leading the Way in Eco Home Design

Practice Introduction
Markos Design Workshop, a RIBA-accredited architecture firm, and the UK’s leader in eco-designed homes. Known for distinctive organic architecture, the practice specializes in advancing timber structures to create sustainable and innovative designs.

Innovative Beginnings and Visionary Solutions
The Monocoque Cabin project, born amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reflects Markos Design Workshop’s creative approach. Despite lacking land and funding, a partnership with a Shropshire farm helped realize this architectural vision. This innovative, self-build project earned a $100,000 grant from Airbnb’s global competition, allowing Markos Design Workshop to refine and expand its expertise in rural architecture.

Architectural Principles and Organic Inspiration
The Monocoque Cabin, inspired by automotive and aerospace design, employs the ‘eggshell-like’ monocoque structure for strength and efficiency. This unique design not only provides a strong and durable living space but also allows the cabin to seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. The use of timber materials ensures that the cabin ages gracefully, creating a harmonious relationship with the landscape. The cabin’s sculptural form and cohesive interior embody organic architecture, providing a customizable, warm, and harmonious living space.

Transforming the Future of Eco-Friendly Living
Markos Design Workshop is not just about creating beautiful structures, but also about transforming the future of eco-friendly living. We are committed to exploring and implementing an eco-friendly architecture that aligns with the natural world.

The Monocoque Cabin is a prime example of how thoughtful design and nature can coexist beautifully, creating a lasting legacy of innovative, sustainable homes.


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