Family on ski trip, Chamonix, France

Top European Destinations for Your Next Family Adventure

Europe has long been a favourite destination for British families seeking culture, history, and sunshine. In 2023, the continent was the most popular overseas holiday location, particularly for travellers with children.

This is your one-stop guide to uncover the perfect European escapade for your family. We’ll explore five key destinations, each offering unique experiences that cater to different interests – from history buffs to beach bums and budding explorers.

Island Hopping in Greece

Sail the Aegean Sea, explore ancient ruins on Santorini and Mykonos or spend lazy days building sandcastles on Crete’s sandy beaches. Greece offers a captivating blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion – perfect for families seeking a taste of everything.

Many islands are easily accessible by ferry, making multi-stop itineraries ideal for creating a diverse holiday experience. Children can enjoy all sorts of water sports and spectacular opportunities for swimming and snorkelling.


Villa Vibes in Cyprus

Why not rent a private villa in Cyprus for a luxurious home away from home setting? The whole family can relax by the pool, enjoy barbecues on the terrace and explore the island’s ancient ruins at your own pace.

Cyprus offers a fantastic blend of relaxation, affordability and endless sunshine – ideal for those seeking a more independent trip.

The Mountains of Switzerland

For holidaymakers seeking a snowy getaway, Switzerland is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Complete with snow-capped peaks and lush valleys, you can hike through the mountains, bike along scenic trails, or take a thrilling cable car ride to a mountaintop restaurant with breathtaking views.

Home to some of the best ski resorts in the world, Switzerland is perfect for family holidays on the slopes during the winter months. However, the summer months offer a variety of activities that cater to all ages and abilities such as helicopter rides and train excursions, making it a fantastic year-round destination.

Enchanted Italy

From exploring the canals of Venice to indulging in delicious gelato in Rome, Italy is a feast for the senses. You can immerse yourselves in the rich history of the Colosseum, learn to make pizza in Naples or explore the rolling hills of Tuscany on a family bike tour.

Italy is well-equipped for young children, with many restaurants offering special kid’s menus and attractions featuring child-friendly tours and activities.



Fairytale Germany

Step into a world of castles and medieval charm in Bavaria. Take your time discovering the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle, the legendary Europa Park theme park and the crystal-clear Lake Königssee on a scenic boat ride.

Bavaria offers a quintessential European escape, with charming towns, delicious food and breathtaking scenery. Don’t miss out on trying a traditional Bavarian sausage while you’re there!