Staffordshire Living reviews the IONI PEMF Machine from Longton based business IONI™ Labs

IONI Pemf therapy effective ?

Staffordshire Living reviews the IONI PEMF Machine from Longton based business  IONI™ Labs

At Staffordshire Living we were invited to trial the effects of the IONI machine and it’s effectiveness in aiding pain relief and excessive tiredness, sleep quality and its effect on our general health.  It may be useful to explain a little bit about PEMF therapy, although the technology has been around for a long time, a simple affordable machine that can be simply used by individuals at home has been less common. Now the people of Staffordshire  and the surrounding areas have a brand new business that have developed the IONI machine for home use. A visit to IONI Labs based on Market street in Longton, Stoke On Trent. is a  perfect  place for learning more about the technology behind the machine, where the staff can explain more about the science behind this powerful little box designed to reduce pain and inflammation.

What is Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy?.

This therapy helps millions of people across the globe to improve their overall health and wellbeing, relieve symptoms of various health problems and takes their quality of life to a whole new level.   NASA is a major contributor to pro-PEMF therapy story? Research done by NASA confirms the amazing benefits of this therapy.

How does PEMF therapy work?

PEMF machines work in conjunction with the body’s own recovery process in order to alleviate pain by restoring the ability of the cells to function with greater efficiently.

Our body requires electricity in order to send signals to the brain and other parts of the body  to work correctly. What PEMF therapy does is to re-align the electrical potential of the cells effectively. That starts a process through which we heal and improve our health.  In today’s hectic world, like many others, I have experienced adverse symptoms caused by the effect that the outside world has on my body.

  • Arthritis
  • Difficulties in sleeping producing tiredness.
  • Hearing loss and Tinnitus.
  • Weakened immune system.
  • Vision degradation.
  • Stamina issues.

World renowned organisation NASA is constantly working on extensive research to minimize the above-mentioned health concerns in astronauts during spaceflight. However, for quite some time, their research led basically nowhere until they started exploring magnetic fields and their effects.

Nasa commissioned a four-year study, in order to define the most effective electromagnetic fields for enhancing growth and repair in tissues. in an effort to stimulate growth or enhance its repair regardless of the energy used. Findings revealed that all other tissues had demonstrated significant growth and repair stimulation thanks to PEMF therapy. The PEMF technology utilized in this study induced a faster growth rate and better-organized morphology in test subjects compared to controls.  It’s also important to mention that PEMF therapy was also strongly associated with greater cell viability.

Scientists confirmed that electromagnetic fields can, indeed, be used to enhance cell function and thereby improve a person’s well, such as developing tissues for transplantation, repairing traumatized tissues, and moderating some neurodegenerative diseases. It could also help control the degeneration of tissue.

The importance of NASA’s research

The importance of this research is that authority such as NASA confirmed the efficacy of electromagnetic waves on improving life cycle and function of cells. It also showed that PEMF therapy could successfully address problems such as lack of energy, sleep disturbances, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, flu-like symptoms, and impaired blood flow.

PEMF therapy shows great success in treating various conditions and helping people feel better. A great boost to the effectiveness of the therapy comes from NASA, whose research confirmed that PEMF could improve cell viability and enhance the function of tissues, which is important for astronauts in space. That also explains why a growing number of doctors recommend PEMF therapy to their patients.

 So how did I find that the IONI™ help me during my trial ?

We have all been through one of the most traumatic periods of history where our health due to the Covid virus has affected everyone.  A significant amount of people have had covid/ During this winter there has also been a significant rise in coughs, colds and flu related ailments that are affecting people for longer and more severely than in previous winters.  Following a bout of covid, heavy cold and osteoarthritis of the spine left me for with more aches pains, fatigue, and general feeling of being under the weather.

However, fatigue seemed  to be the most common symptom.  I was pushing myself to perform simple daily chores without feeling too exhausted. This was frustrating since simple tasks become a significant issue.  Also I felt less sharp as I used to be—having brain fog, making it difficult to concentrate.

 Effect of the IONI™ machine on me

A lack of good sleep and a relaxed state of mind can affect all areas of your life. Your personal life may suffer, your work life may suffer, and your relationships with other people can be more difficult. Personally using the machine on setting 2 certainly helped myself and my husband get a better night’s sleep without waking in the night and by going straight to sleep in the first place.

Trying  PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy, helped me get my body get back to its natural circadian rhythms more quickly and thoroughly than other methods. This type of therapy uses a simple machine to regulate brain wave patterns and stimulate deeper, more restful sleep. Using a PEMF system that can be run throughout the night can also allow for a longer deep REM sleep.

Did the IONI™ help with my Osteoarthritis pain ?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) provide a non-invasive, safe, and easy method to treat pain for musculoskeletal diseases.  Certainly my pain seemed to be more manageable whilst using the IONI™ on level 4 during the day. Anybody who’s doing magnetic field therapy regularly for health maintenance is likely to feel the benefit.  The treatment is also known to help animals . There has been success in treating sarcoma on an Arabian horse As a 5-year old colt, Khalifa was suffering badly from the most the common tumour type facing horses: sarcoids.

Without any drugs whatsoever, and retaining his normal diet, the horse showed almost immediate signs of improvement from the first day of treatment. , The scaring from the sarcoid  is disappearing  There are no signs of returning infection – as usually occurs.  The horse was badly infected in its groin area which, as you can appreciate, is not good for a breeding stallion.  These have shrunk and continue to shrink so much so that the horse will be completely clear of the infection in less than one year.

PEMF can be compared to a whole-body battery recharger. PEMF™ works by “improving adenosine triphosphate [ATP] production, increasing oxygenation, enhancing circulation, promoting hydration, facilitating detoxification,” and gaining a better overall absorption of nutrients.

So does PEMF Therapy Work?

Not surprisingly, the scientific evidence is that PEMF therapy is effective because it conveys ‘information’ that triggers specific repair activities within the body. The currents induced in tissues by PEMF mimic the natural electrical activities created within bones during movements. For me I certainly felt some improvements with sleep and pain

The IONI™ Machine

Developed by IONI™ Our Labs Director, formerly of CERN, DOD, Marconi, and NASA brings you the world’s top PEMF device. “A remote control for your body” …is one description you could use to describe this life changing piece of kit.  For the low price of £380 . International shipping is available. It can now be considered the most affordable whole body PEMF device for home use. Our PEMF therapy devices ship worldwide from US & EU and come with a best-in-class. They are both CE and UL/ULC approved.

In Conclusion

The IONI machine certainly is a perfect size to carry around with you during the day and can be popped under your pillow at night.  The effect on me was a positive one, but it is worth noting that this is just my personal opinion, and the results may be different for each individual person. F product updates and special offers!


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