How to create the ultimate hygge-style bedroom

Do you dream of having a hygge-style bedroom that oozes cosiness? The Danish interior design and lifestyle concept has been a huge hit with Brits in recent years. Whether it’s the dreary weather or an infatuation with cosy interiors, there are endless reasons why hygge is such a big hit.

Here’s what you need to know about creating the perfect hygge-inspired bedroom.

What is hygge?

Put simply, hygge involves creating an atmosphere that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. It embraces cosiness and mood lighting to create the ultimate calm and comfortable space.

Cosy living offers the ultimate escape from reality. It allows you to hide away and snuggle up with a warm drink in front of a film or with a good book, amongst other things. For this reason, people choose to embrace hygge during the winter months, particularly when getting through the long, gloomy January period.

How to achieve hygge in your bedroom?

There are several things you can do to integrate hygge into your bedroom.

From a design perspective, the goal is to layer warm colours, with mood lighting, topped off with homewares and scents that add to the atmosphere. Many people integrate a pop of green to signify nature, which has a close connection to the hygge philosophy. It also reflects a sense of simplicity and humble living.

A tidy space is key to maintaining a tidy, uncluttered mind. This means you’ll need good storage solutions to keep the space free of mess. You could opt for bespoke fitted wardrobes to ensure the space is harmonious throughout with no jarring cupboards, drawers or freestanding wardrobes to contend with. Efficient storage that looks good will help you maintain a clutter-free space, where everything has a home behind closed doors, in drawers or on shelves. Baskets also work to help create a clutter-free space. They work as a ‘catch-all’ for items that would otherwise interrupt the vibe.

The rest of the room should have a big focus on soft furnishings. Go wild with cushions on the bed and thick curtains. Not forgetting big comfy throws.

Candles and small lights dotted around the room mean you won’t have to put the big light on, which would otherwise kill the calming mood of the space. Fairy lights are another must for adding a soft glow to the room – they’re perfect for when you’re winding down for the evening.

You might add scent through diffusers, candles, or even room sprays to make the space extra indulgent and relaxing.

To conclude…

It’s understandable to want to embrace a hygge-style bedroom, especially when the colder months start approaching. After all, the bedroom is a space for unwinding and clearing your head. Soon, you’ll be embracing the hygge lifestyle elsewhere in the home, whether in the living room or in your office. It’s the perfect way to embrace a more mindful and slow lifestyle that helps you feel set-up for the day ahead.

How would you go about shaping the perfect hygge bedroom in your home?


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