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How to Lead a More Sustainable Lifestyle

In the modern age, the state of the environment is of great concern to millions of people. If you’re one of them, then you might be thinking about the difference you can make.

How to Make Your Lifestyle More Sustainable

While governments and businesses can act to reduce their impact on the natural world, so too can individuals. Though the difference made by each particular step might be small, taken together, they can accumulate.

Eat less meat

Historically speaking, people in the UK eat an unprecedented amount of meat. What used to be an occasional treat is now a daily staple. This imposes an environmental cost, since land being used for cattle cannot be used for forests and wild environments. Livestock also directly pollute the atmosphere with methane, which is a more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Use a reusable water bottle and coffee cup

If you’re buying bottled water every day, then you’re sending masses of disposable plastic to the bin every day. The same goes for your coffee cup. Even if these things were perfectly recycled every time, the energy involved in the recycling process is considerable. Thus, it might be worth investing in a reusable cup, and avoiding the disposable kind.

Save energy and water

The less energy you’re using, the less you have to generate. By turning down the thermostat just a few degrees, and insulating your loft, you might bring down your bills – and protect the environment at the same time.

Donate unwanted items

If you’ve got old items sitting around gathering dust, then it might be time to donate them. When old clothes are made available, for example, demand for new ones goes down. In other words, the old shirt you donate might save the planet – just a small amount. This applies to other kinds of items, like furniture, electronics and musical instruments.

Reduce food waste

Similarly, you might take a look at the food you’re wasting. Often, food waste comes about because we allow items to go out of date. Less frequent shopping trips might make a difference here.

Travel sustainably

If you’re taking a car into work every day, the emissions can quickly build up. Why not consider walking or cycling, instead? You might even sell a car, especially if you live in a household with two or more of them on the drive. If there’s a particular need for a vehicle, you can take out temporary car insurance and drive your spouse’s car, instead.

Buy less

Perhaps the most effective thing you can do to save the environment is to simply buy less stuff. Consumerism causes unnecessary things to be purchased. If you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, then you might look to invest in something intangible, instead. Why not pay off your mortgage early, or donate to a worthy cause?


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